Buying Stilton

Where can I buy Stilton in the UK?

Blue Stilton, White Stilton and White Stilton blends (eg with cranberries, or apricots or ginger) are available in most good supermarkets and specialist cheese shops throughout the UK.

In many stores, Blue Stilton will be available in both pre-packs and from the deli counter where you can try before you buy.

In buying Stilton, it is important to recognise that the taste and texture of Blue Stilton will vary depending primarily on its age and to a lesser extent on the time of year or the named dairy.

Young Stilton can be very crumbly and have a sharp or acidic taste. As it matures – in as little as a further 2 weeks – the texture becomes creamy or butter like, and the cheese develops a more rounded, less aggressive, mellow flavour. If you try before you buy from the deli counter you stand a better chance of getting the type of Stilton you prefer.