Quick Tips



Usage Suggestions

1 Stilton dip or salad dressing – crumble a few ounces of Stilton into a bowl and using a fork mix with enough plain yogurt (or fromage frais or soured cream) to give the desired consistency. Add lemon juice and seasoning to taste.

2 Stilton in Soup – Crumble Stilton into your favourite soup.

3 Stilton Summer Salad – Crumble Stilton over rocket or lettuce with watercress and drizzle with a light dressing.

4 Stilton pate – Beat some Stilton with half its weight of butter, a little milk, a pinch of mace and some sherry to a smooth paste. Press into individual pots, chill well and serve with crudités or bread.

5 Stilton avocado starter – mix some Stilton with a little mayonnaise a few chopped, seeded grapes or fresh pineapple and use to fill a halved avocado pear for a delicious starter.

6 Stilton rarebit – blend Stilton with a little cider and diced apple. Spread on fingers of toast and grill.

7 Stilton filo parcels – Place slices of Stilton on 3 or 4 layers of filo pastry. Fold into neat parcels and bake in a hot oven for 10-15 minutes – perfect party food!

8 Stilton jackets – Instead of butter, mix a little Stilton with potato scooped from a halved jacket potato and put back into the skins and cook until melted. Add chopped grapes after cooking for a change.

9 Stilton and Beans on Toast – Melt crumbled Stilton into tinned beans and serve of toast.

10 Stilton Mash – Melt crumbled Stilton into mashed potato and serve with sausages and onion gravy.

11 Stilton Risotto – Stir crumbled Stilton into mushroom risotto for a fuller flavour.

12 Stilton Pasta – Melt a little butter and garlic in a pan, add some fresh cream and crumbled Stilton. Heat gently without boiling and stir in a little brandy and pour over your favourite cooked pasta. Alternatively, for speed, after cooking your favourite pasta, drain and transfer to a large warmed bowl, add crumbled Stilton, stir in and serve.

13 Stilton Quiche – Use Stilton instead of your normal cheese in quiches or flans.

14 Stilton Pizza – Top home made or bought pizza cooked at home with crumbled Stilton. Or for “Quick Stilton pizza”, slice a portion of a French loaf lengthways, spread each cut face with a tomato base (ketchup, passata, drained tinned tomatoes or puree), top with a mixture of finely copped onions, mushrooms and stilton cheese. Place under grill for 5 minutes.

15 Stilton Steak – Melt a little Stilton over your favourite steak or joint for a few minutes at the end of cooking.