Retail Cutting Guide (Wrap and go)

Cutting to Wrap and Go - An Eleven Step Process

go 1

1. Waxed Stilton looks different because of an outer layer of wax and an inner layer of transparent wrap.

go 2

2. To remove the wax, carefully cut through the outer layer across the top and down the sides to the base.

go 3

3. Begin stripping off the wax by pulling the transparent wrap away from the cheese.

go 4

4. Allow the crust to dry for about two hours under refrigeration before attempting to cut.

go 5

5. Score the cheese first to get a good centreed position before cutting.

go 6

6. Cut the Stilton in half, carefully pulling the wire toward you.

go 7

7. Complete cutting all the way through for two equal halves. Set aside the half not being used and cover with transparent wrap.

go 8

8. Using the wire, turn the half wheel on end and cut in half.

go 9

9. Continue cutting to go by slicing the cheese into quarters and eighths.

go 10

10. Weigh and price the individual pieces.

go 11

11. Wrap immediately, sealing with the appropriate re-pak sticker.