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Gizzi and stilton

A new marketing campaign for Stilton is about to launch, featuring a young, rock ‘n’ roll, tattoo mad food stylist and chef celebrating the King of English Cheese.

The Stilton Cheese Makers’ Association (SCMA) has signed Gizzi Erskine, TV chef and innovative food stylist, to help raise the profile of the iconic cheese among a younger customer and show its many uses and versatility.

Gizzi will be fronting a campaign to position Stilton as a year-round essential food shopping item and key ingredient for everyday cooking, emphasising its popularity away from the traditional Christmas cheeseboard.

Wokring hard to get away from the image of Stilton as the after dinner choice of elderly gentleman with Port and cigars, Gizzi was a natural choice for the campaign as she has a personal ambition to show younger people that cooking does not have to be complicated and difficult. Gizzi is also keen to show that skills can be easily learnt and incorporated into everyday life. She is also a great champion of British produce.

Gizzi, said: “There are few cheeses that carry as much history and prestige around the world as Stilton so to be asked by the dairies to excite the public about how to use it is a real honour. It’s been my mission for a long time to get more young people cooking and showing them how easy it is. I think a lot of people are going to be shocked about how much they like Stilton when they try even a little of it in different meals.”

Nigel White, secretary of the SCMA added: “We decided to work with a high profile and credible figure this year in order to broaden the range of people we talk to. Gizzi is young and lively and is bringing a totally fresh approach to cooking and she is genuinely passionate about Stilton. We are very excited about the partnership and hope that her ideas will inspire a whole new generation of Stilton fans.”

The SCMA has signed Gizzi at the perfect time. She found great success with her first show on Channel 4, Cook Yourself Thin, but with her first solo book out later this year plus a four part mini series on GMTV and another one planned for later this year, her profile will be ever increasing over the coming months.

As well as creating the ten recipes, Gizzi will be featuring in a radio and media campaign, plus utilising social media to spread her ideas for using Stilton.

Her recipes will be posted on this blog - so keep a look out over the next few months


The Stilton Cheese Maker's Association has taken a stand at the London Taste Fetsival for the first time this year to spread the word about the King of English Cheese.

Not only did London Mayor Boris Johnson taste some tasty Stilton but TV chef and London girl Gizzi Erskine made a special appearance talking to visitors about how versatile Stilton is and giving top tips to make cooking easy for everyone. We've some big news to break about Gizzi but you'll have to come back to the blog to find out more  - learn more about Gizzi here


Come and see us at the show over the next few days to receive some tasty samples, receive a free recipe book and much more. For directions and ticket prices visit


GIzzi Erskine appears on Stilton's stand at Taste


Food lovers despise wasted food at the best of times and in this current economic climate there’s no excuse for throwing away leftover food.

The SCMA has been vocal in its support of the campaign in the past and we encourage consumers to do their bit.

With stats showing that 1/3 of bought food is thrown away, it’s easy to see the massive economic and environmental impact of waste. Any means of cutting this helps everyone.

Luckily for Stilton fans it’s the perfect purchase to avoid waste giving them yet another reason to include a wedge in their weekly shopping basket. Not only is the tasty cheese highly versatile allowing you to simply add it to lots of everyday meals and snacks, but it’s also perfect for freezing meaning you need never throw any away again.

Simply wrap the cheese in cling film or kitchen foil and freeze for up to three months. When you want to use the cheese, defrost it slowly overnight in your fridge.

To maximise the flavour of your cheese, don’t forget to allow it to get to room temperature before serving.

We’d love to know your favourite recipes and uses for your leftovers so please comment and tell us.

Put a freeze on your waste


It was the news that Stilton lovers everywhere already knew but now it’s been made official – Stilton makes the very best British butty!

As reported in the Daily Mirror, the 11th Earl of Sandwich took part in a taste off in London to choose the very best sandwich fillings. The Earl should know a thing or two about perfect panninis and tasty toasties too, as he is the direct descendent of the man who invented the nation’s favourite lunchtime food.

He awarded top spot to Stilton and Grape on brown bread, served with black pepper and a hint of garlic mayo, which was devised by a Kate Ramsden from Cornwall who used to serve it when she ran a pub. Kate we salute your tasty offering!

Tell us what you like best on your sandwich - my favourite is Stilton with turkey and cranberry on wholegrain bread, simply delicious and makes me think of Christmas all year round!
The Daily Mirror articleThe Daily Mirror article





Each year in Britain as much as 3.3 million tons of edible produce is binned, costing the British public an estimated £23bn a year* or  £885 per household.

These shocking figures have urged the SCMA (Stilton Cheese Maker’s Association) to start a campaign against food wastage, helping the UK public, where it is safe to do so, to recycle their leftovers.

In doing so, we can all save ourselves some money and create fantastic meals.

Food wastage is attributed to people’s eyes being bigger than their stomachs with millions misjudging portion sizes. Others simply overcompensate in order to keep hunger at bay.

Further research by the Food and Drink Federation indicates that 34% of the UK public ignore use-by dates and in doing so, run the risk of exposing themselves to food poisoning.

Top tips to reduce food wastage include:

  • Failing to prepare is preparing to fail – don’t raid the supermarket without knowing what’s in your cupboards at home. With so many UK consumers ‘blanket’-buying goods already purchased, make a list and reduce the abundance.
  • Stop the rot – keep a close check on your use-by dates. 60% of waste is binned as it has ‘gone off’. Keep tabs on what you have and when to use it by. Most cheese is safe to put back in the fridge even if it’s been out on a cheese board for a few hours. Just wrap each cheese individually, refrigerate and reuse asap.
  • Cool it – 70% of our fridges are too hot! Food decomposes faster in an incorrectly chilled fridge; get the most out of your food by storing below 5 Celsius.
  • Freeze it – many foods can be frozen and stored for months at a time. Stilton is one such food and if thoroughly wrapped preferably in foil, then defrosted slowly, will still taste delicious.
  • SOS – Stick On the Stilton – and anything else for that matter. Stilton can be easily used in recipe dishes or added to convenience food to give extra flavour. Whether it is a Stilton soup, Stilton salad, Stilton Pizza or even sprinkling spare cheese on a burger. With so many delicious options, there is simply no need to waste unused foods, logon to for more ideas.
  • And if all else fails – pass it on to your flowers. At least 30% of an average household bin could be composted in the garden and in doing so reducing the volume of rubbish going to landfills and incinerators.

Diane Grant, a Home Economics /Community Studies lecturer from Liverpool John Moores University, comments, “The UK is one of the most wasteful countries in the world. Despite attempts by the government to promote recycling, food wastage is often overlooked. Although dumping most food may not be harmful to the environment, people do not realise the damage such wastage is having upon their wallets. This is especially so when entertaining, either in the household or for corporate events, as hosts overcompensate with party snacks and large portions in order to create a good impression.”

Nigel White, of the Stilton Cheese Makers Association, adds, “It’s shocking that so much perfectly good food is dumped due to ignorance or laziness. People simply don’t realise how to use up the good food they have left over and what combinations can be used to create fantastic tasting meals.

“Stilton and biscuits is a popular dinner party food and some people think they won’t use up any leftovers so simply throw it away. We aim to show how easy Stilton is to use in everyday cooking to add some extra taste and you don’t need to use much thanks to the product’s unique flavour.  That’s why we are suggesting tasty alternative recipes for people to try and ultimately reuse their unused food. Even the crust can be used with many top chefs including it within casseroles and beef & Stilton pies. Some pet owners even feed the crust to their dogs as a treat.”

The SCMA is running a campaign called ‘Stick on the Stilton’ to encourage consumers to add Stilton to simple meals such as burgers or sandwiches as well as to cook with it.




1 April 2007

A cheese mad mother from Timperley, Cheshire, has had an unusual bespoke kitchen designed for her - the cabinets look like Blue Stilton!

Sally Conner, 38, wanted to create a real stink when designing her new dream kitchen and took inspiration from her family’s favourite food, Stilton.

Sally approached kitchen experts Magnet and persuaded them to produce the cabinets especially for her. The cabinets have been designed with the doors hand painted to Sally’s specification.

Sally says, “Some of my friends think I’m mad but we wanted to own a kitchen that no one else could copy. We eat Stilton most days and one night over dinner the idea just came to me. I’m delighted with the end results and Magnet gave me expert advice at every stage from design through to installation to make the whole process simple.

The kitchen is a mixture of Magnet’s Tiko and Kara Cream ranges, and Marketing Director, Anjum Ahmed comments: “We pride ourselves on designing our kitchens to fit customers lifestyles and needs by asking them the question What Happens in Your Kitchen? We were however slightly taken aback when we received this request for personalised cabinets but we thought it was so original we would help out and the end result is fantastic.”

Nigel White, of the Stilton Cheese Makers Association, adds, “We know Stilton is the most popular blue cheese in the UK and an English institution but even we were surprised to hear about the lengths this Stilton mad fan has gone to. We will certainly be sending Sally and her family some complimentary Stilton to enjoy in their new kitchen.”

The SCMA is running a campaign called ‘Stick on the Stilton’ to encourage consumers to think of the cheese not only as an after dinner treat, but also as an alternative to add into simple every day meals such as burgers or sandwiches as well as soups, sauces and dips.



Notes to editors:


  • For further information visit or call 0845 123 6789 for store details and brochure requests.
  • Magnet is one of the UK’s largest kitchen retailers, with 163 retail showrooms nationwide from Inverness to Plymouth. It is backed by Europe’s leading kitchen company Nobia.

News release

Record amounts of Blue Stilton cheese were sold in 2006 following a bumper Christmas, the Stilton Cheese Makers’ Association (SCMA) announced today.

Domestic sales were five percent higher than in 2005 and accounted for 55 percent of all blue cheese sales in the UK. Exports also performed strongly, growing by more than ten percent with sales to the USA growing by even more despite the weak US Dollar.

The success has been attributed in part to a PR campaign encouraging consumers to use Stilton in every day cooking rather than purely on a cheeseboard. The ‘Stick on the Stilton’ initiative included easy to make recipes, beer mats, sampling and attention grabbing tactics such as the launch of ‘Eau de Stilton’ perfume.

In a move to provide greater consistency in the labelling of Stilton cheese and to re-assure consumers about its authenticity and origin, the SCMA also announced that from January 2008 all retail packs will have to show the SCMA logo and a reference to the name Stilton being a registered Certification Trade Mark.

Commenting on these two issues, the Association said: “The changes in labelling will assure consumers of the authenticity of their cheese and bring in a degree of conformity in the way that retailers label White Stilton and Blue Stilton cheese – both of which are protected food names and carry Certification Trade Marks, the only cheeses made in the UK to be so protected. The changes require the seven dairies who are licensed to make Stilton to ensure that Stilton is labelled in a more consistent manner.

“We hope to see Stilton sales continue to grow throughout 2007 and 2008 and look forward to consumers seeing the distinctive SCMA logo on all packaging.”

Further changes are afoot from May 2009 when new EU regulations come into force concerning the labelling of all protected food names – including Stilton – when it will be necessary to include the appropriate EU logo and/or a statement that the product is a protected name.


10/05/06 - Stilton Cheese Approach Cat Deeley to be Face of Stilton Perfume




The Stilton Cheese Makers Association (SCMA) has approached Cat Deeley, host of ITV’s Stars In Their Eyes, to be the face of a brand new product - Stilton perfume.

Eau de Stilton has been commissioned by the SCMA as part of the STICK ON THE STILTON campaign for 2006, to encourage people to try eating Blue Stilton cheese as part of everyday meals – scattered on a pizza, sliced onto a burger or slipped into a sandwich.

The perfume, which has been blended by Manchester based ID Aromatics for the SCMA, re-creates the earthy and fruity aroma of Blue Stilton cheese in an eminently wearable perfume. Using grape seed as a carrier oil, the Stilton scent features a symphony of natural base notes including Yarrow, Angelica seed, Clary Sage and Valerian.

The smell of a Stilton is essential to the grading of the cheese as it enables the grader to determine whether the cheese is up to the mark and able to be sold as Stilton.

With an array of endorsements already under her belt including national campaigns for hair and beauty products, the SCMA is keen to bring a touch of Midlands glamour to Stilton Cheese which is produced worldwide by only seven dairies in the Midlands. 

Cat Deeley, 29, was born in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham and shot to fame on alongside SMTV Live with Ant and Dec.  Now enjoying fame as the presenter of Stars In Their Eyes, Cat is about to jet off to Hollywood to host So You Think You Can Dance? - a reality talent show that will scour America for undiscovered dancing talent.

Nigel White, from the Stilton Cheese Makers Association, comments: “Blue Stilton cheese has a very distinctive mellow aroma and our perfumier was able to capture the key essence of that scent and recreate it in what is an unusual but highly wearable perfume that we are very proud to put our name to.

“The Midlands is home to some of the very finest things in life, including Stilton cheese, and while we don’t have quite as generous a budget as some of her other endorsements, we would love Miss Deeley to be the face of Eau de Stilton and look forward to hearing what she thinks of the scent.”

Eau de Stilton will be available via or by emailing



News Statement

21 March 2006


The FSA has today announced by category its proposed levels of salt in food. For now, no target has been set for the amount of salt in home produced British blue cheese. There is an ongoing, constructive dialogue between the two parties about what the salt level should be and there are no time limits in place for when the final decision will be made.

For further information about the FSA and its salt campaign please visit


For further media information please contact Rick Guttridge at Brazen PR on T 0161 923 4994 E



Forget talk of chocolates, champagne or oysters as the key to unlocking the lust within your loved one this Valentines Day, a piece of blue Stilton is the answer!

Fiona Marshall, author of Natural Aphrodisiacs comments:

“Cheese contains PEA - phenylethylamine, which releases the same feel-good chemicals as sex - and is considered an aphrodisiac in Italy ”. 

Dr Sidney Crown, psychologist and expert on human sexual behaviour comments: “People respond to the taste, texture and appearance of food, along with the psychological anticipation of foods historically deemed romantic. Stilton, and the other blue cheeses, have very distinctive and sensuous tastes and textures which can help stimulate the senses when enjoying a romantic meal”.

Nigel White of the Stilton Cheese Makers Association comments, “Stilton is the ideal food for love. Casanova famously swore by blue cheese and red wine as a powerful aphrodisiac with properties that can ‘restore an old love and to ripen a young one’.  Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to start experimenting with sumptuous and sensual foods such as Stilton and it contains substantially more PEA than chocolate”! 


For more information contact Rick Guttridge at Brazen PR,

T: 0161 923 4994