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Stilton blue cheese is so flavorful and versatile, good chefs find it can enhance any dish, at any point in the meal. Please check back as we update this collection regularly.
Stilton Recipes UK
This link will take you to some UK recipes to give you other ideas as to how Stilton can be used. These recipes use metric or imperial weights and measures rather than US measures.
Stilton Quick Tips

Stilton Starters
Savory Stilton Custard Shortbread
Stilton and Spinach Parcels
Stilton on Horseback
Stilton Stuffed Mushrooms with Herb Butter
Stilton Twists
Stilton Party Dip
Stilton and Walnut Quesadillas
Stilton & Smoked Salmon Timbales with Horseradish
Stilton Dip with Red Pears and Carr's Table Water Crackers

Stilton Soups
Five Onion Soup With A Stilton Crust
Stilton Blue Soup
Stilton, Leek & Wild Mushroom Soup

Stilton Salads
Endive, Apple, and Stilton Blue Cheese with Walnuts
Stilton, Granny Smith Apple & Toasted Sesame Salad
Stilton and Endive Spirals

Stilton Main Dishes
Beef Tenderloin with Cajun Seasonings and Stilton Sauce
Beef and Stilton Pinwheels with Bass Ale Caramelized Onions
Braised Pork & Prunes in a Creamy Stilton Sauce
Fettucine with Bacon, Arugula, and Stilton Sauce
Roast Leg of Spring Lamb with Stilton & Raspberry Stuffing
Stilton Chicken with Wine
Chicken Breasts with Crosse & Blackwell Chutney and Stilton Sauce
Stilton and Roasted Turkey Wraps
Stilton Veal Chops

Stilton Side Dishes
Stilton Mashed Potato with Toasted Walnuts
Stilton Risotto with Winter Squash, Sage & Walnuts
Twice-Baked Acorn Squash with Stilton-Potato-Spinach Filling

Stilton Sweets
Sir Stilton Poached Pears
Stilton Party Cheesecake
Stilton Scones
Burgundy Pears with Stilton Cream
White Stilton, Apple, Pear & Pecan Nut Crumble
Cranberry-Walnut Pie with Stilton-Walnut Crust

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Stilton has Oomph! Recipes
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How to Care for Stilton

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