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Shown are some "tools" used in serving or manufacturing Stilton cheese.

First, the Stilton scoop (
1.) is a serving piece. It is used to scoop Stilton out of a full (17lb) or half (8 lb) "wheel". If you are entertaining a large group of guests, visually, this makes a grand presentation. However, it is not the recommended way for serving Stilton in small parties since it allows the cheese to be exposed and prone to drying out before your evening is over. It also makes quite a mess.

The recommended method is to use a server or serving knife (2.). This server allows the Stilton to be cut horizontally - in a stepped fashion, stay neat and, "show off" its unique radial blue veining.

Another object (3.) used in the making or grading of Stilton is the Stilton cheese iron used to gauge the maturity of Stiltons in the creameries. see

2. A Stilton server. Comes with a serrated edge for cutting in the preferred "step" fashion.

Photo - Williams-Sonoma catalog

1. A Victorian silver-plated scoop, similar to those used for serving Stilton cheese in most of the farmhouse dining rooms of the Stilton cheese-producing area of the East Midlands, until the Second World War.

Photo and text courtesy "The History of Stilton Cheese", by Trevor Hickman, published by Alan Sutton Publishing Ltd.

Presenting Stilton in a stepped cut, lessens overall exposure to drying air. It also allows appreciation of the cheese's unique radial blue veining.
3. The Stilton cheese iron. A core sample is taken from each Stilton to check for quality and maturity.
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